The Lviv Ultra Trail is graciously subsidized by our sponsors and partners.  It is a strictly not-for-profit event intended to show off the city of Lviv to the world and be a celebration of trail running.    What this means is that you’ll get more than you pay for.   

Please visit the races page if you haven’t yet decided on the distance you want to run.  Visit the information page for answers to a large number of common questions and concerns.

Sign up now for an unforgettable experience.

There are two ways to sign up and pay for the race – one is via the secure and tested ‘RunStyle’ online system that locals in Ukraine use and the other is a series of alternatives that foreign visitors can also use.

Method #1 - RunStyle (in Ukrainian, but should work for most.)

Runners in Ukraine sign up via the ‘RunStyle’ system, This is a widely used and secure event planning system. Unfortunately, it’s entirely in Ukrainian.  Prices for our event on RunStyle are dynamic – basically, the sooner you register, the cheaper it is.   If you want to try using this system, you are welcome to it.  Despite it being in Ukrainian, you should be able to register here.  

It may be slightly cheaper for you to sign up via RunStyle than via a “Method #2” payment below.  So, we encourage you to give this a try.

Method #2 - PayPal, etc

If you can’t get the above to work, we don’t want something like payment to stand between you and our race.  So, we’re quite flexible here as to how to take payment.   Since the number of foreign visitors is not likely to be huge, we can work with you personally to figure out a way that works for you. This can include:

You sending money to the PayPal account of one of the race organizers or one of our partner organizations directly. Contact us and we’ll send you a paypal invoice in the currency of your choice for the race of your choice.

You paying cash at check-in in Lviv – thought in this case you must 100% promise that you will actually do this as we will incur costs and prepare things for you in advance.   

If you are coming from abroad and if you can show us a confirmed airline ticket, hotel confirmation, etc that shows that you are serious about joining us, then we can extend to you the possibility of just paying for the race in cash at check-in on Friday (race check in is open on Ploscha Rynok for most of the day on Friday) or, with prior arrangement necessitated by your travel plans, Saturday Morning if you have trouble paying through any of the other systems.

If any of these appeals to you, please click on the ‘contact us’ at the top of the screen.


These are the prices to pay via method #2. They may differ slightly from the Ukrainian prices.  We strongly recommend that all foreign visitors capable of doing it go for the longest (VLT) race which will make for a great day where you will meet new friends and have a lot to celebrate after.

Timely regsistrations include a medal and t-shirt for finishers.   However, we have to order these about a month before the race.  We’ll order what should be plenty of extras, but if if we happen to run out you might not get one if you register very late.  Furthermore, we reserve the right to raise prices closer to the event. Those who register early get our sincere thanks and may get an extra beer or equivalent.



15 Euro / 18 USD / 15 Pounds / 2000 JPY


25 Euro / 29 USD / 25 Pounds / 3000 JPY


40 Euro / 45 USD / 40 Pounds / 5000 JPY


45 Euro / 50 USD / 45 Pounds / 5500 JPY

Recommended for 2019!

123 KM LUT

The 123 km race will not be held in 2019..  Coming in 2020!