Each competitor is required to have the listed required items with them during ENTIRETY of the race.

Trail Running Shoes/Sneakers Recommended Strongly Recommended REQUIRED REQUIRED
Running Backpack or Similar –   Recommended REQUIRED REQUIRED
Waterproof Jacket with Taped Seams* Recommended if Rain Recommended if Rain REQUIRED* REQUIRED*
Trekking/Running Poles Recommended Strongly Recommended
Approximately 500-1000 UAH Currency Recommended Strongly Recommended
Working Head Torch No Need No Need No Need REQUIRED
Mobile Phone Recommended Strongly Recommended REQUIRED REQUIRED
Capacity to Carry Water/Drink*** 500ml Recommended 500ml-1L Recommended 500ml Required, 1L recommended 1L Required
Energy Gels and Energizing Food** Recommended Recommended REQUIRED** REQUIRED**
Foil Blanket REQUIRED**** REQUIRED****
Whistle (often part of backpack) REQUIRED REQUIRED
Personal Water Cup ***** Not Needed Highly Recommended Highly Recommended Highly Recommended
First Aid-Kit Recommended Recommended Recommended Recommended

* Waterproof Jacket:  This should be of an appropriate size for the competitor.  If conditions are forecast with high probability of being dry, this requirement may be waived (ask at check-in).   No matter what the rain situation, it is a good idea to carry a jacket as this can help with heat retention.  Competitors (local competitors) unable to purchase a jacket with taped seams may substitute a less expensive but still broadly waterproof jacket.  

**  Some food and snacks will be available at checkpoints.  However, you should supplement this with some food, energy gels, and similar that you carry with you.   If you eat this during the race, carry the wrapper/packaging with you to the finish as proof of your compliance with this requirement.   We do not specify exact caloric requirements to meet this requirement but trust you to carry a reasonable amount.  At minimum, fast runners at the 73km distance would be expected to carry 2-4 gels / equivalent.  Those at longer distances may benefit by carrying a sandwich of similar “solid food” as a lunch.    You might also want to carry salt tablets, isotonic tablets, and similar things to ward off dehydration.

*** Capacity means that you need to have with you at all times water bottles, hydration bladders, or similar equipment which you can use to carry the given amount of water or other drink.  How much you actually carry is up to you.  Please note that these are MINIMUM values – you may certainly opt to carry more, especially if it’s hot.   Dehydration is not fun.  There will be drinkable water at all checkpoints and additional drinks (cola, etc) at some of them.  In between checkpoints there *might* be a few wells / springs and similar sources of water, but we strongly recommend against counting on them – and furthermore, we cannot vouch for the quality of water that comes out of them.

**** A foil blanket, otherwise known as a space blanket, can be a lifesaver in an emergency. You should have one of a standard size for an adult human, not one “cut down to save weight.”   Most normally come packed in a compact and lightweight rectangle as shown below.  



***** A cup is highly recommended and environmentally friendly!   When you arrive at a checkpoint, if you want water, cola, or other liquids that we might have on offer, you need to have a cup.   It would be great if you have your own reusable cup, as this means we won’t have to use disposable cups (bad for the environemnt).  If you do not have a cup, or if the cup that you bring is too  inconvenient for our volunteers to fill, you will be able to use a dispoable cup.  HOWEVER, this will be slower as EACH DISPOSABLE CUP TAKEN WILL BE MARKED WITH YOUR BIB NUMBER.   If, at any time during or after the race, we find a disposable cup with your number in it NOT in the correct trash bags near the aid station, you may be penalized AT LEAST 20 minutes per infraction.  The best thing you can do is to bring your own cup!     A cup is not needed for the shortest distance as there are no refreshment stations on the 9km run.

What if you are missing something when you get to Lviv?

You can buy most or all of the required equipment in Lviv.  While there is no dedicated trail running shop in lviv, the high-end outdoors shop “Gorgany” has a branch quite close to the city centre and also a larger one on the outskirts of town (about a 30 minute taxi ride).   There are plenty of places to shop in town, but for foreign visitors looking for a large number of comfortable options, the “Lviv Forum” shopping mall, located about a 10 minute walk from the city centre, is a good all-purpose option. There, you will find a good supermarket (Silpo), a few generalist sporting goods shops (New Balance, Intersport, etc), a pharmacy (ground level, near the SIlpo), a mobile phone carrier shop (Lifecell), and more.     If you arrive in Lviv and are truly missing something, by all means contact us or better yet come to race registration without the item and we’ll help you fulfil the need in an agreeable way.