SECOND EDITION  15-16 May, 2020  Lviv, Ukraine

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Challenging and Beautiful



"If you’ve spent time in other Ukrainian regions, Lviv will come as shock. Mysterious and architecturally lovely, this Unesco-listed city is the country’s least Soviet and exudes the same authentic Central European charm as pre-tourism Prague or Kraków once did. Its quaint cobbles, bean-perfumed coffeehouses and rattling trams are a continent away from the Soviet brutalism of the east."


To the adventurous go the spoils.

Lviv (pronounced “Luh-VEEV”) is a hidden gem of Europe.  It’s a charming, bohemian city of cafes and pubs, and, as you’ll soon find out, some surprisingly awesome trail running.  Think of Prague or Budapest before they were ‘discovered’ by the tourist masses and you’ve got the right idea. But, don’t take our word for it – go on, have a google – the ‘buzz’ on Lviv is universally positive (“Why Lviv Makes the Best Weekend Break …” – The Independent (UK).  Lviv Ultra Trail is the perfect reason to come and see this amazing, exotic city for yourself.

An Absolute Bargain

Lviv Ultra Trail participants can take advantage of Lviv being both safe and remarkably inexpensive by European and World standards.  For example, you can stay at a four or five star hotel in Lviv for about what a 2 or 3 star hotel would cost in Western Europe.  Pints of good, craft beer at a pub cost about 2 euro.   Lviv being the bargain it is won’t last forever – now is the time to take advantage.   Check out this post from TravelGeek or Tripadvisor for independent confirmation.

A safe, tourist-friendly place.

Most people in Lviv speak at least a bit of English.  Though you probably won’t need it, each foreign participant in Lviv Ultra Trail  will have direct phone access to a native English speaking (American or British) race organizer, day or night, for every eventuality.   While  the brave men and women countering Russian aggression in Ukraine’s east are in everybody’s hearts and minds, the reality is that this is happening over 1000 kilometers away.   To put things in perspective, Venice Italy is closer than the conflict.   Lviv is as safe as any western European city.

Closer than you might think.

Lviv has a modern international airport with direct budget and full-fare connections to cities throughout Europe, including London, Munich, Vienna, Warsaw, Milan, Krakow, Madrid, and many more. Indirect connections, typically through Warsaw, Munich, Vienna, or Kiev, are also readily available. Lviv Ultra Trail has been set up so that you can fly in on the Thursday or Friday before the race, run on Saturday, and then fly out as soon as Sunday.  Or, stay longer if you wish!  Lviv is a safe, clean, inexpensive, and charming city with plenty to do and explore. We’ll be happy to help you make plans.


Our Information / Frequently Asked Questions  page contains plenty of indispensable information about coming to Lviv and the event. Please be sure to read it.



WZT race

Distance: 9 km.
Total Elev Gain: +230M.
Time Limit: 2:30 h
30% paved, 70% trail.
Refreshment points: 0

CST race

Distance: 23 km,
Total Elev Gain: +700M
Time limit: 6:00 h
Refreshment points: 1
ITRA: 1 qualifying point

LTM race

Distance: 42 km,
Total Elev Gain: +1300M,
Time limit: 9:00 h
Refreshment points: 4
2 qualifying points

VLT race

Distance: 73 km,
Total Elev Gain: +2500M,
Time limit: 15:00 h
Refreshment points: 6
ITRA: 3 qualifying points

LUT race

Distance: 123 km,
Total Elev Gain: +3755M,
Time limit: 25:00 h
Refreshment points: 10
ITRA: 5 qualifying points

A provisional list of our partners and sponsors ...


Yaroslav Turenko

Competitive trail runner, orienteer, and rogainer with several podium finishes.

Adrian Cybriwsky

Ultrarunner and mountaineer. 3 x UTMB, MDS finisher.

Yaroslav Nosa

sky/ultrarunner and mountaineer with 8000m ascents

Svyatoslav Rymar